Moss Miata

This 2002 Crystal Blue Miata is one of Moss’ shop cars. Besides being used by R&D to build and test-fit new products, this car is usually a “beauty queen,” used for product photography and such.

John came to visit Moss in March 2013 while Grace was getting some extensive work done. He overheard Moss’ Miata Specialty Program team discussing the upcoming Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 2013 event at the end of April (4/26-28) and he said,  “What if while Grace is getting her final touches done, David and I drive a Miata non-stop through all 48 states and finish in Monterey at the Laguna Seca Miata event?  I pretty much have a route in mind. If David doesn’t slow us down, I think we can do it in four days.” David is Moss Motoring’s Editor, and he did in fact slow John down – just a bit. Dave pointed out that driving 10,000 miles in just 4 days was impossible, and so the 48 States in 7 Days Drive was born.

For the Drive, Moss’ 2002 Miata is sporting the following products: Enkei RPF-1 wheels, KYB shocks, H&R springs, a Boss Frog roll bar, lip spoiler by R-Speed, and a whole lot of vinyl graphics.

The folks at Moss are wondering if this “shop car” will get a name like the other DAC cars! It’s up to John and Dave to decide.

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